Regis Medical is a primary care provider that puts people first. Founded in Singapore, Regis Medical strives to provide high quality patient-care with minimal friction and complexity.

By integrating primary care, allied health, traditional medicine with modern technology, we deliver personalised patient services

Our Values

Patient-centred Care
Regis Medical values the individual needs and preferences of each patient, providing personalised care that is tailored to every patient's unique life situation.
Ease & Simplicity
Regis Medical takes pride in making healthcare easy and hassle-free for our patients. We empathise with our patients to understand their concerns and deliver innovative solutions.
Seamless & Comprehensive
Regis Medical emphasises interdisciplinary collaboration - working together to provide the best care for our patients through shared knowledge and diverse expertise.
Respect & Professionalism
Regis Medical honours treating all patients with respect, dignity, and professionalism, providing sensitive and inclusive care.

Our Services

GP Clinic & Family Medicine

Regis Medical provides high quality and accessible care at the heart of communities in Singapore. Our Doctors are competent in multiple areas of family medicine and are keen to help patients navigate the complex healthcare system.


Regis Medical offers an integrative approach to pain management, rehabilitation, sports health and wellness with physiotherapy. Our AHPC registered Physiotherapists work hand in hand with our Doctors to deliver patient outcomes.


Regis Medical offers Acupuncture services for clinical indications that are evidence- based. Our TCMPB registered Acupuncturists work closely with our Doctors to deliver alternatives and adjuncts for pain management and other conditions.