Pap Smear Testing

Get Screened for Cervical Cancer

What is a Pap Smear Test 

A Pap Smear Test is an important procedure to test for abnormal cells in your cervix. During the procedure, our Doctor will collect some cells from the surface of your cervix and have them tested at a lab and read by a pathologist to check for abnormal cells and cervical cancer.   

Why do I need a Pap Smear Test 

Pap Smear Test is an important part of preventive health for women. A Pap Smear Test can detect early cervical cancer – which is the 10th most common cancer amongst women in Singapore.   

Cervical cancer can be cured if detected early. Abnormal cells may not indicate confirmed cervical cancer but will allow you and your Doctor to make informed decisions on frequency of follow up with specialists.

Hence, a Pap Smear Test is one of the keystones to cervical cancer prevention.  

Ladies between the age of 21 to 65 are recommended to get Pap Smear Test every 3 years. Very often, a HPV DNA test is combined together with the test. At some point, our Doctors may also recommend replacing your Pap Smear Test with HPV DNA Testing instead.

How do I prepare for my Pap Smear Test 

  • A Pap Smear Test is usually a pain-free procedure, but you will feel a slight discomfort. For us to best conduct the test for you accurately, you are required to:
  • Avoid sexual intercourse, swimming, taking a tub bath, or douching 2 days before your test.
  • Avoid taking a pap smear during your menstrual period. To be precise, you should only have pap smear test 2 weeks after the start of your menstrual cycle and 1 week before your next menstrual period begins.
  • Avoid taking any vaginal cream and medicines, spermicidal foams. Avoid using tampons or lubricants as well.

Pap Smear Tests 

PAP Smear (Thin Prep) HPV DNA Combines (Thin Prep + HPV DNA)
$65 $200 $250

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*Prices listed were last updated on 1 July 2023. Prices may be subject to change. 

What Happens During My Pap Smear Test

A Pap smear test is a quick and simple procedure that only takes a few minutes. During the test, you will be asked to lie on an examination bed in a specified position. Our Doctor will then use a soft brush to collect a sample of cells from the cervix, which will then be sent to a laboratory for analysis. You should receive your test result via email within 5 working days.  

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General Enquiry

How is a pap smear conducted?  
Our Doctor will collect a small sample of cells from your cervix to detect for abnormal cells.
Do I really need a pap smear test?  
Pap smear test detects cervical cancer, the 10th most common cancer amongst women in Singapore. It is highly recommended for sexually active adult women.
What happens if my pap smear test results are abnormal?  
If the results of your Pap smear test are abnormal, you will return for a follow-up session at our GP Clinic, our Doctor will provide you with further information and may recommend additional tests or procedures, such as a colposcopy or biopsy. We will also help to liaise and arrange a specialist consult if you are agreeable.
Will HPV virus go away on its own?  
HPV virus is known to be cleared by the immune system after several months to years.